Here is a list of online subscriptions that are available  to all grade levels. Contact Alexei Chernock or Claire Williams to request login details.



Go to our iPad page to view iPads by grade level and submit requests for paid apps. We have may paid and free apps that are used everyday in our PYP classrooms. Contact your tech coaches and/or grade level leaders on how best to utalize apps in your classroom.



This is the most comprehesive collection of video tutorials created by industry professionals to teach you how to use just about any software you want. Complete with transcripts and source files if you put in the time you can master and program you wish. Contact a tech coach for login detail for this premium subscription. 


Reading a-z (AKA Raz-kids)

With thousands of leveled resources in multiple formats and content covering multiple areas, this sevice supports teachers in delivering effective, personalized instruction. Contact your IB coordinator for more information. 


turn it in

Give each student personalized and timely feedback while easily identifying areas for individual growth and improvement. Support research and critical thinking, reduce unoriginal content, and foster confident writers. Contact your IB coordinator for more information on how Turnitin integrates with Managebac. 

GizmosLogoBlack L.jpg


Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations for grades 3-12. Over 400 Gizmos aligned to the latest standards help educators bring powerful new learning experiences to the classroom. Contact math and science department heads for more information. (limited subscriptions available)


Brain POP

BrainPOP offers cross-curricular animated movies, learning games,  interactive quizzes, primary source activities, and a breadth of additional resources for students in grades 3+. Its topics span Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering & Tech, Health, and Arts & Music. BrainPOP is also home to GameUp, an educational games portal for the classroom; Make-a-Map, our a concept mapping tool; and the “My BrainPOP” suite of features, which lets teachers keep track of learning, customize assessment, incorporate gaming into instruction, and provide feedback on learning artifacts.


QR Stuff

Run out of free QR code generators? Sick of creating new email addresses to reset how may QR codes you can make? Well you are in luck! We have a subscription that allow us to create dynamic QR codes so that you can easily can scan and link your chose website or document. Contact a Tech Coach today for login details.

Library Subscriptions


  • Questia School (research database, suitable for MYP-DP students and teachers – all MYP-DP students and teachers have an account)
    • contact your department head or librarian for login details.


  • EBSCO Host (research database, suitable for upper-MYP & DP students and teachers.  Provided gratis from New Brunswick’s Dept. of Education)
    • contact your department head or librarian for login details.


  • The Economist (digital and print magazine, upper MYP-DP)
    • contact your department head or librarian for login details.


  • The Day (Daily news articles; great for integrating TOK into your subject classes! Upper PYP-DP)
    • contact your department head or librarian for login details.


Print Resources: Please visit our library

  • New York Times (International Edition) newspaper
  • National Geographic
  • Time Magazine
  • The Economist
  • The New Yorker magazine
  • Shenzhen Daily newspaper
  • and so much more...