Digital Citizenship


What is it?

In this digital era we use technology daily and in doing so we are part of many communities all over the world. Being a digital citizen (online) like being a citizen in a country (physical) means we need to think, teach and demonstrate what a good citizen looks like and understand we are all responsible for our consumption, actions, and behavior online.   Think before we click!

As Terry Heick explains:

'the more and more students interact digitally–with content, one another, and various communities–the concept of digital citizenship becomes increasingly important.'

Scope and sequence/ Curriculum:

Here is a designed curriculum for each phase which outlines the scope and sequence along with lesson outlines and resources for teaching digital citizenship. Click here






Below are 4 links to help you further. Help me connects to the school document about this topic. Ideas links to the shared drive where we have further resources for you that are split into phase/ age categories. Further training gives you a online course option to undertake and BLOG links you to a professional CEOP blog with further advice and real life scenarios to read about.